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Fleming Fitness: A Life-Changing Experience

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”I created and designed my website in a hotel room in Winnipeg while playing for the Blue Bombers”

Confesses Patrick Fleming, looking back on the waning days of his football career and the beginnings of Fleming Fitness.

Patrick Fleming, an Ottawa native, was drafted in the second round of the CFL’s Canadian draft by the home team Renegades in 2002, after a distinguished collegiate career in the U.S. with the Bowling Green State Falcons. He went on to enjoy stints with the Hamilton Ti-Cats (’06) and the aforementioned Bombers (’07). Fun fact: his roomie with the Bombers was Zac Taylor, head coach of the Cincinnati Bengals. Like Taylor, Fleming saw himself staying in the game after his playing days. That’s when, as an off-season dabbler in kinesiology (his college major), he was assigned his first MVA (motor vehicle accident) victim. Fleming had been told by reputable sources that the young woman in question would never be able to walk downstairs again. It was a diagnosis that triggered Fleming’s never-quit athlete’s ethos.

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