Why You Shouldn’t DIY Strength Training

Why You Shouldn’t DIY Strength Training

Author: Patrick Fleming | | Categories: Exercise Specialist , Fitness Trainers , Personal Training Company

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There are several benefits to strength training. It improves your form and posture, enhances your balance, strengthens your joints, and also helps relieve pain. Strength training can be incorporated into your workout routine or even taken up by itself if you are looking to improve your mobility after an injury.

The effectiveness of this form of training is guaranteed depending on your situation and provided you do it correctly. However, in many cases, people try to DIY strength training to reduce the cost of rehabilitating or building their bodies. If you’re simply copying strength training moves from YouTube tutorials or a friend, you may not receive the full benefits, or worse, you may hurt yourself severely. To give you an idea of what exactly could go wrong, Fleming Fitness has explained two reasons why you shouldn’t DIY strength training.

1. You could inflict injury upon yourself
Unsupervised strength training is highly risky as it involves external factors like weights. Without proper form and knowledge of biomechanics, you could injure yourself or give way to problems that crop up in the future. As a result, strength training is best supervised by a professional like a Kinesiologist who knows about muscular imbalances and injuries and how to avoid them.

2. You could create muscular imbalances
Strength training is very important because it helps maintain your muscle mass, which is your metabolism. But repetitive strength training movements could lead to muscular imbalances. For example, if your routine includes a lot of push-ups and pull-ups, you, in turn, could be worsening your posture by having tighter pecs and lats unless you stretch correctly. Most individuals have muscular imbalances, and a Kinesiologist can help discover that. To maintain optimal movement, you want to inhibit and stretch the overworked or tighter muscles and activate and strengthen the underactive muscles. This will help with day to day movements and will also decrease pain in your body.

Do things right - hire a professional!
As you can see, it is vital to work with a kinesiologist or well-trained fitness professional when attempting strength training to avoid mishaps. Your specialist will design a customized strength training program for your needs and goals. That way, you can build your strength at a pace that is convenient for you while also avoiding chronic pains, aches, injuries, etc.

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