The Truth About Back Pain

The Truth About Back Pain

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Did you know that 75% of people suffer from back pain at some point or another in their lifetime? There are several reasons why you may experience discomfort in your back. However, the most common cause of this issue is a sedentary lifestyle that promotes sitting for long periods of time.

We sit a lot as a society, whether it’s at work, home, or while out enjoying the company of friends. Sitting too long tightens the hip flexors and weakens the glutes, which is a prevalent reason for back pain. This causes excessive lumbar lordosis meaning a big curve in your low back.

A simple test you can try to see if you have this issue is to lean back while standing and see if you develop back pain. In case you experience any back pain while doing this, there is a good chance your pelvis is anteriorly tilted due to tight hip flexors and lats. You can confirm this by repeating the same movement, but the second time squeeze your glutes. Squeezing your glutes puts your pelvis in a more posterior tilt.

If the pain is less, you need to stretch your hip flexors. We would also add a lat stretch and combine that with glute and core strengthening. This can help balance your pelvis and alleviate your back pain.

When back pain stems from soft tissue, it can be remedied with a proper exercise routine. Just remember only to trust a professional to solve your back problems. Do not DIY exercises without the guidance of a professional as it could aggravate your backache.

Our kinesiologists at Fleming Fitness study the mechanics of body movement and can easily help you with your back problems through simple exercises. Kinesiology is an effective solution for several lower back issues, but before we can begin exercising your back muscles, we make sure you don’t have any major issues present. Once we’ve assessed your back, we will create an exercise program to rehabilitate it and reduce your pain as quickly as possible.

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