Postural Assessments

Postural Assessments

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Postural assessments are an extremely effective way to determine how various activities can affect an individual’s muscles. They allow us to see how daily stressors can affect our resting position, and in turn, how these abnormalities may be affecting movement quality and quantity. Additionally, they can reveal how an injury or pain at one site may have been influenced or caused by an abnormality at another site. For example, a client presents with chronic ankle sprains and cannot determine why the keep occurring, despite extensive ankle rehabilitation. In this case, an abnormality at the hips and/or knees may be altering how the individual walks, moves, and performs recreational or occupational lower extremity tasks. This can result in the weakening of the ankle joint and surrounding musculature, causing recurring ankle sprains when the joint integrity is challenged.

Improving postural stability and correcting abnormalities can vastly improve muscular function in daily life, athletic performance and/or occupational tasks. When the body is in proper alignment at rest, you are giving it it’s best chance to work efficiently and without pain. Increasing postural stability first will allow you to make more functional gains, regardless of what your goals are. Working with a kinesiologist can help identify these possible abnormalities and determine a treatment plan to correct these postural deviations.

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