How To Get Back Into Your Fitness Journey.

How To Get Back Into Your Fitness Journey.

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Part of the problem with the holidays around Christmas and the New Year is falling off your fitness journey. January is a month of resolutions and creating new habits, so what better time than now to get back on your fitness journey. We put together a few tips for you to get back on your fitness journey this month.

The first thing you should do is try remembering how you felt when you were consistently working out and eating well. This should give you the energy and motivation to want to get back to working on your fitness journey. Don’t just think of the gym, fitness can include a ton of different activities so get creative with your workouts. Doing something you enjoy can keep you motivated and on track.

Next, you should write down your goals and pick where to start so you can get back on track. Starting with something easy will let you ease back into your fitness journey and allow you to eventually get back to where you were. A few other steps can be included here, such as scheduling it in your planner so you actually stick to going to the gym. You can also prep your equipment, like your gym bag, the day before so you’re ready to go when the time comes.

Finally, starting a monthly challenge can bring back some motivation into your fitness journey. Introducing something that actually challenges you can help kickstart your fitness lifestyle. Try finding a workout buddy to help motivate you and keep you on track. Having a friend on the journey with you can help both of you stick with it.

A personal trainer can create a personalized fitness plan for you to keep you on track and back on your fitness journey. They can assess your starting point and fitness level to create plan specifically for you. A personal trainer can also motivate you to push through your workout and get the best from it. At Fleming Fitness, we have a team of personal trainers to help you get back on your fitness journey.