Kinesiologist Vs Physiotherapist: What’s The Difference?

Kinesiologist Vs Physiotherapist: What’s The Difference?

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At Fleming Fitness we have a team of kinesiologists and we understand that a lot of people might not know the difference between a kinesiologist and a physiotherapist. So, we thought we would outline the differences so you can understand how we can help you.

A kinesiologist is a regulated health professional that treats and prevents injury, disease and improves health and wellness. Kinesiologists address the physiological and mechanical systems of the body. Their services can include, strength and conditioning, sport psychology, rehabilitation and sport fitness.

The main objective for a kinesiologist is to help you live a more functional and pain free life. It’s best to choose a kinesiologist if you have a condition, injury or disability you need help dealing with as they can help you improve your fitness and mobility.

A physiotherapist is a regulated health professional that focuses on a more holistic approach to healthcare. They are dedicated to get people to maximize their ability to move and function well throughout life.

The main goal for a physiotherapist is to restore function and decrease any pain from an injury. A physiotherapist can also help with chronic pain and can diagnose any issues you might be having. You should choose a physiotherapist if you have pain that changes the way you function on a day to day basis.

There are a few main differences between a kinesiologist and physiotherapist and these are:

  • A physiotherapist uses more passive techniques (example: needle work).
  • A kinesiologist will typically spend more time with their clients.
  • While a kinesiologist is trained in passive techniques, they will use more active exercise rehab and fitness programming.

Overall, there is some overlap between a kinesiologist and physiotherapist, but depending on your issue there is one you should see over another. If you are looking for a kinesiologist in the Ottawa area, Fleming Fitness has what you’re looking for! Contact us to find out more about our kinesiology services.