What Is a Dynamic Warm-up?

What Is a Dynamic Warm-up?

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A dynamic warm-up is a series of stretches that are considered dynamic because you are moving for the stretch. Static stretching, which requires you to hold a stretch for a period of time, used to be the most popular type of warm-up for many athletes.

More and more athletes are now adopting dynamic warm-ups to their routine, which is in turn better for them. There are several reasons why dynamic stretching is better, here are a few:

  • It will activate the muscle you are going to use during your workout. A great example of this is a lunge and twist that will engage your hip, leg and core. This is great for any type of exercise where you will be using your lower body.
  • Dynamic stretching can improve your overall range of motion. If your body is feeling very tight dynamic stretching can help you feel more flexible.
  • A warm-up can help your balance and coordination. Doing dynamic stretches before you exercise or play a sport can help with body awareness and skill performance. This is why it’s a great way to warm up before a sport is played.
  • It can also enhance your muscular performance and power. If you are looking to get stronger or build more muscle a dynamic warm-up might be just what you need.

There are a ton of dynamic stretches that can be performed for a warm-up, a few of our favourites are: lunge with a twist, high knees, jump squats, leg swings and inchworms.

A kinesiologist can teach you some great dynamic warm-up movements to help you before you exercise or participate in a sport. At Fleming Fitness, we have a team of experienced kinesiologists that can suggest the best dynamic stretches for your body and history. Contact us to set up an appointment!