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Keaton is from Sudbury, Ontario and has been working in the fitness and rehab field for over 7 years. Keaton grew up playing competitive hockey as a goaltender making his way up to the AAA level and also played varsity football in high school winning the city championship in 2009. Keaton graduated from the Physical Fitness Management program at Cambrian College in 2012, and then in 2016 he graduated from Laurentian University with a Bachelor’s degree in Human Kinetics, and later studied to become a Certified Fascial Stretch Therapist (level 2).
Keaton has been training clients since 2012 as a CSEP CPT from the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology and has continued to do so over the past 7 years and is now a Regulated Kinesiologist through College of Kinesiologists of Ontario

In his practice, Keaton utilizes many movement techniques and practices, while also using modalities that he has researched and has formal training in. He is a Level 2 FST; Fascial Stretch Therapy™ (FST) is a proven and complete full body, table-based manual therapy and movement training system. Fascial Stretch Therapy is a great tool that can be integrated with other training and therapeutic modalities. It is great for pain management, rehabilitation, strength and conditioning, movement re-education, and wellness.
Keaton believes that educating clients is the key to helping them maintain health and wellness long-term. In addition to providing them the tools and treatment needed to move and perform efficiently, he will encourage them to commit to taking action daily to retain movement, ensure progression and build healthy sustainable habits to be pain and injury-free.

Keaton’s treatment protocol firstly involves assessing mobility, followed by treatment directed at areas with opportunity, and then finally strengthening and re-patterning movement and range of motion to restore efficient, functional mobility that clients will retain. As a registered Kinesiologist, Keaton’s mission is to provide clients with clear and direct advice and ensure that the client gets the right treatment and education aimed at whatever their goal or complaint may be.